Monday, June 22, 2009

"You are your Father's daughter"

Growing up I never really understood this statement. But now, as I get older, I'm starting to realize why my mom said this to me so many times. There are so many similarities between my Dad and I, in the way we think, the way we react to things, the way we handle certain situations, the way we deal with people, and...the list goes on. Although at times, I think our similar psyches may have led us to arguments and misunderstandings, I see now that I am so fortunate to have been born my "Father's daughter." 

So today, like I did when Mother's Day came around, I'm going to celebrate Dad. Because, like he always told me, it is necessary to give back to the things (or people) you love so dearly.  

Without further adieu, I present you the top 20 reasons why I have the WORLD'S GREATEST:

20.  He survived an all female household. Thank you dad for dealing with the bobby pins, the razors on the shower floor, the piles and piles of clothes and overwhelming amount of tears and emotion.
19. He taught me how to ride a bike, throw a softball, ice skate, swim, and play every sport imaginable.
18. He sat through hundreds of gymnastics meets for my sister and I (and thousands of versions of the level 5 floor music).
17. He taught me what it means "to be aggressive," which led me to win "best defensive player" on the high school soccer team and eventually led to a full division one scholarship.
16. He took me to places all around the country -- Disney World, California, the Carolinas, Vegas (multiple times) and worked hard so that we could have wonderful vacations.
15. He allowed me to explore the world of fashion and never lets me forget to this day that he's partially responsible (at least financially) for me being voted the "best dressed female" at Westlake High
14. He introduced me to the world of philosophy and allowed me to impress onlookers with my memorization of Tolstoy quotes: "The meaningless absurdity of life is the only incontestable knowledge acceptable to man."
13. He joined Indian Princesses with my sister and I and showed us the importance of being outdoorsy and never being too afraid to get a little dirty.
12. The summer before I entered college he trained with me, timing me on the SEBCO test on hot 90 degree days and introduced me to weight lifting (ugh).
11. He treated my boyfriends with kindness (except for answering the phone "speak") and trusted me to always make the best decisions when it came to who I let into my heart.
10. In tough times, he taught me that "life goes on"
9. He set a high example for the man whom I marry, with the overwhelming amount of love and respect he gives my mom.
8. He taught me the importance of education and hard work and always let us know that if it weren't for the hard work my mom and him put in day in and day out my sister and I wouldn't have everything that they've been able to give to us.
7. He takes interest in the things that I love and will read US Weekly, Perez and RHOC just to keep up with me and the ongoing celebrity gossip world.
6. He's open and honest and has always made me feel comfortable enough to tell him anything, even when my hearts been broken and in my hardest times.
5. He drove and flew miles to make as many college soccer games as he could. And, at the games where he knew I needed him most, he never failed to be there at Chattanooga and Davidson.
4. My whole life he has made time for "Dad daughter time." I couldn't imagine a life without my long talks with dad and pondering life and the "meaningless absurdity of it."
3. He is the single most intelligent person I know. Not because he's never missed a Jeopardy question, but because he has a deep and knowledgeable understanding of life, love, religion, philosophy and all the things that really do matter.
2. I know that he's had a hard life or at least growing up was hard for him and he is who he is as a result of that. For someone who had the unfortunate situation of not having a Father himself for most of his life, he sure made up for it by being who he is to my sister and I. 
1. He always puts us first. He's selfless, kind, caring, hard working, ethical and is the "WORLD'S BEST."

So, here's to you Dad, Happy Father's Day. I wish I could be there with you, but I know you had a great day yesterday with Christa. I love you and am so blessed to be my "Father's Daughter."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Please Excuse My Laziness

Apologies, blogosphere. I've been MIA and I hate to say it, but it was rather nice. Since my last post I've:
  • Worked on my tan

  • Bummed around Chicago street festivals

  • Spent sunny days drinking and playing soccer in the park with friends

  • Cleaned out my closet (yes, you read that right)

  • Traveled to Cleveland

  • Hugged my mom, dad and sister tight

  • Survived my sister's bridal shower (wayyyyy too many women in one location)

  • Visited with my favorites from high school

  • Slept, read and ran...a lot

  • Contemplated life with Scoot and...

  • Last but not least, TURNED 25

As my dad would say, "A QUARTER OF A CENTURY." And....I feel no different. However, I did get a nice bday treat: a vacation back home to attend my sister's bridal shower (which was on my birthday...I will get her back someday) and celebrate with my family, whom I don't see enough.

The 5-day weekend was filled with long, delicious dinners, runs with my mom and sister and workouts with my dad, shopping and showering (bridal that is) while the boys golfed, pool time at the country club, manis/pedis, haircuts and lots (of much needed) R&R. It's always SO NICE to go home.

Here are some pics from my fabulous flee to the cleve:

If you can't have a real Rebecca Minkoff, why not get the "cake" version...

The beautiful bride to be at her shower...