Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Keep or Not to Keep? That is the question.

So...I had the day off yesterday, which was nice. Days off are great because you don't feel guilty about not working (as you would on a sick day) and you get a ton of stuff done (at least I do). Only problem is I can't sleep in, which is really annoying. This past Sunday I slept until 9am and it was monumental.

So, I woke up around 8 yesterday, went to two classes at the gym (i'm hella sore today), grocery shopped, got Scoot's birthday present (the big 25 is on Fri), cleaned, did 3 loads of laundry and, after all that, it was only 2pm. I couldn't believe it. So, because I had been so productive, I decided to treat my self to a little retail therapy. But, since I have no money and am saving up for a trip to Vegas in a few weeks, I told myself I could only go to one store -- Nordstrom.

And, within 15 minutes, I had gotten these BCBG pumps:

Even though it was love at first site, I'm still kind of undecided on them. I had on black leggings when trying them on and they looked super cute. And I was also thinking about a dress I want to wear Friday (which they'd look great with) and a few outfits that they'd be perfect with in Vegas.

BUT, here's the thing...what can you wear them with besides solid colors? You can't put these on with a patterned shirt or even a pink or yellow shirt for that matter. But, they'd look so great with black tights at work, or black shorts or a black dress this summer. AND, above all that they were actually comfortable (i'm not lying, I swear).

But, I'm still undecided, what do you think? Should I keep?

p.s. RHOC finale tonight -- i can't wait! And the premiere of RHNYC, which isn't as good as OC, but still entertaining.



Friday, February 13, 2009

It's the little things...

I’m undecided on Valentine’s Day. Some years I think it’s a Hallmark holiday and hate to get too overly excited/into it. But, some years I can’t wait for a day to be all gooey and in love (I should note that my college roommates used to make fun of me for being so AGAINST PDA…I just don’t think anyone else wants to see it).

The past couple years, Scoot and I have celebrated with a card and a nice dinner – no big gifts, just a nice dinner and a card letting one another know how we feel. This year – blame it on the recession – we plan on staying in, cooking a nice dinner and drinking the bottle of red wine my mom got us in Paris (I’ve been saving it for a special occasion). While I’m looking forward to it, I also feel like it will be just like every other day.

Not sure if my emotions have shown the way I’ve been feeling, but leave it to Scoot to turn things around and make me feel all the gooey, in love stuff.

I’m sitting here, working on a miserable press release, counting down the minutes to 5pm and suddenly my mood does a complete 180 when these show up:
I follow most women on my feelings for flowers – I LOVE THEM. I know they are expensive, and only last a week and blah, blah, blah. But they make me feel so DAMN GOOD and they’re so pretty to look at and I just ugh, get the giddy, exciting, butterfly feeling when I see them.

But it’s not so much the flowers, it’s the few words that came with them. I don’t know if it’s because my job has turned me into a woman of many words, but I so appreciate how simple and to the point Scoot can be. He’s not a writer (he actually hates to write and I wrote most of his papers in college), but he’s very good at saying the perfect thing, at the perfect time, in very few words.

So, even though it’s not Valentine’s Day yet, I’m happy. I could now pass on the dinner and the card and whatever else is coming. I hope you all get to feel the same butterfly/giddy/joyful feelings that I’m feeling this Valentine’s Day.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Shredding the Nar

Scoot and I went home to Cleveland this weekend to surprise the rents and go snowboarding with my sis and Brett. While they're semi-professional snowboarders, we suck and spent a good portion of the day on our asses (which I'm still feeling). Luckily, Brett caught a clip of Scoot making his way down the slope...enjoy!

I love this video and will hold on to hit for as long as I possibly can for a few reasons:

1. It's hilarious...I always find any video (or real live shot) of someone biting it hilarious.

2. Scoot is the most athletic person I know and it's classic to see him suck at something. I got enjoyment out of it the entire day. He beats me at everything (except scrabble and the radio game might I note), so being able to snowboard better than him gives me true joy.

3. After the first spill he gets right back up, smiles right into the camera and then BAM he's on his ass rolling sideways down the hill. It's fantastic.

Ok, enough. I'll pay for this post in some shape or form tonight. Must be tough, Scoot, we've finally found SOMETHING you're not good at!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Couldn't Resist

Everyone on Facebook has been posting these “25 most random things about me” notes and to be honest, I want in on the fun. But, I don’t know how to post a note on Facebook and I really don’t want my 25 things to show up in anyone’s mini-feed. So…I’ve decided to share the “25 most random things about me” with the blogosphere. Consider yourself tagged!

1. There is nothing in my life more important than my family.

2. I can eat A LOT. Probably more than you would think when looking at me and I absolutely LOVE fast food. I think anyone that says they don’t like McDonalds is LYING (and un-American) and my mouth waters every time I think about a Bojangles biscuit.

3. I’d like to write a book someday and I’m hoping it’s some sort of mix between Jennifer Weiner and Stephanie Myer.

4. My parents have the most amazing relationship. I hope and pray that I’ll have exactly the type of marriage they do.

5. I’m extremely hyper (at times) and this thoroughly annoys my sister. She used to say to my mom “can’t you give her something.” My family thinks I have ADD/ADHD, but was never properly diagnosed.

6. My friends say I’m gaudy. I admit, I love wearing gold jewelry – lots of it.

7. I feel very, very blessed to have met Scoot at such a young age. We’ve been through a lot, but we went through it together and we couldn’t be in a better place now. He’s my best friend, always will be.

8. I’ve lived in North Carolina and in NYC and I can 100% say that Midwesterners are my favorite breed. The girls eat and the guys are actually guys.

9. I have an abnormally big, big toe (thanks dad) and I hate it. It’s really ugly and my friends like to tease me about it because they know it bugs me.

10. My sister’s a genius – I’m dead serious. She got a perfect on the math portion of her SAT, was valedictorian and is now getting her doctorate in biomedical engineering. What the F?

11. I hate making my bed and am convinced that I’ll never be able to make a pretty bed with tucked in sheets and puffed up pillows.

12. I’ve never met anyone I respected or envied more than my teammates, my BD’s. They’re truly the most beautiful women in the world – both inside and out.

13. I started cooking when I moved to Chicago and I’m really enjoying myself. I’d love to take a cooking class someday.

14. I love to workout – running, kickboxing and Bikram are my favorites. It’s a big stress reliever for me and I’m usually a much nicer, happier person afterward. Nothing better than a good sweat.

15. I can’t imagine being a stay at home mom and don’t think I ever will be one. I crave a challenge, love being busy and would never want to depend on anyone else’s income, even if it were my husband’s (my grandma and momma taught me well).

16. I somehow managed to get a 3.8 in college and don’t feel like I really studied much at all.

17. I like clothes, A LOT and I love to dress up. BUT, when I get home I immediately change into my Elon soccer sweats. Once a BD, always a BD.

18. I’d like to open my own boutique one day and my brother biles has been saving up for my little dream. Bless his heart.

19. I actually hate going out and being social. Most people wouldn’t think that because I work in PR, but in all honestly a night club sounds painful to me. A good meal with Scoot and a Law and Order SVU Marathon is my idea of a great night.

20. I’m convinced that every girl wishes they were athletic. I know if I weren’t, I’d wish I were. And, I firmly believe that every girl at Elon wanted to play on our soccer team. Soccer girls are cute – well at least they were at Elon (slap, slap).

21. I only listen to country and rap. Taylor Swift is my current hero and Real Love by Mary J is my anthem.

22. I did gymnastics for many years growing up and can still do a back flip – ask my teammates.

23. I want a dog, really bad and I want to name him Grady, after Grady Sizemore, obviously.

24. I’m from Cleveland and people like to make fun of it, but the truth is its home and I absolutely love it.

25. I want a lot out of life and I don’t think I’m going to be satisfied until I get it all.