Thursday, January 22, 2009

BD Stamp of Approval

There are very few people that I feel I can’t live without. And, if it weren’t for my college teammates (or BD’s as I’ll refer to them as), I could probably count them all on one hand. I’m definitely not one of those “friends with everyone” types. But, to those I do deem friends, I’m forever faithful.

And, I thought it’d be nice – before I go into my next RHOC post about Vicki’s spill and Gretchen’s financial woes – to give a shout out to the girls whom I can’t live without, my BD’s.

Although I don't see them (aside from my lovely Red) all but once a year - twice if we're lucky - they're part of decisions I make everyday, including my decision to start this blog.

Not that I’m a wuss, but entering the blogosphere is a bit scary and definitely had me fearing rejection. What if no one reads my blog? Or, even worse, what if my friends and family don’t even read my blog?

But, with the BD’s, I knew I didn’t have much to worry about. They know me (probably better than anyone) and they get me – always have. S&S has become an ongoing topic in our email chains – “when are you posting again?” and “OMG, I thought the same thing about Lynn from RHOC (dead ringer for Steven Tyler).” I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m glad this silly blog is bringing us even closer together and I’m glad that all of you get to be a part of my everyday thoughts.

So to emmy, gil, kerry, lace, red, moni and our other teammate…the one who plays defense (right, Les?), I love you girls. More than you’ll ever know. I’m so glad you’re enjoying S&S as much as I am. Thank you for your excitement, encouragement and never-ending support – it’s all I’ve ever needed. As emmy once said, you’re my insides.

Yours Truly,

V, Gines, Hina, Hines...S&S

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